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    What do you think about when you see this guy? 

    I’m thinking “Staphan O’Bell must be releasing a new record”!

    The cover photo of artist Jasmine Kara for the latest issue of beauty magazine Daisy Beauty! Makeup and hair: Mia Högfeldt. Styling: Nils Gustavsson. Retouching: Andrea Palm. 

    I photographed artist Jasmine Kara for Daisy Beauty magazine, april issue. Jasmine was one of the top dancers on “Let’s Dance” on TV4 and is also on the cover of Daisy Beauty in April! 

    Mix & match spring fashion for Daisy Beauty magazine. Makeup and hair by Maria Oldenstedt/House of Session. Styling by Nils Gustavsson. Model: Sofia F/Mikas. 

    Arton - a series of solos exhibitions by me and 18 other artists from Valand Academy. I’m in Arton: Two At the end of the third period we also contribute to a group exhibition at Konsthallen in Gothenburg, curated by Jason E. Bowman.

    Dalslands Konstnärsförbund

    Today I got accepted into Dalslands Konstnärsförbund, which is an association of artists from Dalsland, the part of Sweden where I grew up.

    I shot the cover of the new issue of Swedish beauty magazine Daisy Beauty: TV presenter and journalist Jessica Almenäs wearing a dress by Ida Lanto. Makeup: Elva Ahlbin, Hair: Matthias Lavesson.

    Things are happening very fast in my life right now, so it’s been hard to keep up with my website and the blog. This spring, I’m presenting my Master’s Thesis exhibition at Akademin Valand in Gothenburg. It will be named Evergreenand this is one of the photos. More info will be presented on the exhibition group page ARTON shortly. I will also show works at a group exhibition at Konsthallen in Gothenburg (May)

    This is the latest issue of Swedish beauty and skincare mag Daisy Beauty. I have contributed with still lifes, product shots and smudges, portraits and a story about sugar. Go get it here. Cover photo of Linda Pira by Magnus Ragnvid. 

    And more Erika Angell. This time with Simon Angell, they have a great band called Thus:Owls, based in Montreol, Canada. New record to be released soon! 

    Did this Josef & Erika band photo today. Enjoyed it very much!

    This is the new issue of Vagabond travel magazine. The story I did about the Dominican Republic is featured in this issue, which main focus is travel trends for 2014.

    They’ve also just started a great travel podcast (Swedish only), listen to it here or through iTunes. 

    Things are dripping, flowing, cracking, smudging and smearing around the studio this week. Lip laquers, nail polish, foundations, eye shadows, powders and creams for Daisy Beauty. These are small pools of nail polish: OPI “Kiss Me I’m Brazilian” from the 2014 Brazil collection.

    My photos from the Dominican Republic have been published in the latest issue of Vagabond – some of them can be viewed here. This photo is from Las Terrenas, a little town on the north shores of Samana, DR.

    Happy New Year!

    And good news for 2014! I will be columnist in the photography magazine Kamera & Bild for another year. My texts from 2013 will be published on their website (for example this one) and each new column will eventually find its way to the computer screen. My advice: buy the magazine. 

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