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    Another photo from my Canadian trip. This is kayaking with Spirit of the West in the Johnstone Strait, north east of Vancouver Island. Early morning, paddling out when the sun rises… magic!

    My Tumblr account have been power napping for a while, mostly because I have had so much to do. For the last two weeks, I’ve been hiking and kayaking around Vancouver for a number of travel- and outdoor magazines. I really do have a great job! This is from the other morning, what you see is Garibaldi Lake – a morning view to die for.

    Swedish artist Charlotte Perelli on the cover of Daisy Beauty magazine. 

    Frida Lindberg from Noveau models shows hair trends. 

    Make up: Viktoria Dahlgren, Hair: Tindra Löfgren

    Portrait of Swedish actress Malin Arvidsson.

    Caroline Winberg for Daisy Magazine.

    Parts of my Evergreen exhibition will travel to Dalsland and Dals Långed, where it will be shown at a group exhibition at Steneby Konsthall arranged by Dalslands Konstnärsförbund. Vernissage 22 June 17-19. More info will be posted here. 

    This is me during my MFA exam at Akademin Valand last week. I can now put “Master of Fine Art: Photography” on my CV.

    This week I did some author portraits. This is Johanna Ögren.

    New website design for

    What do you think about when you see this guy? 

    I’m thinking “Staphan O’Bell must be releasing a new record”!

    The cover photo of artist Jasmine Kara for the latest issue of beauty magazine Daisy Beauty! Makeup and hair: Mia Högfeldt. Styling: Nils Gustavsson. Retouching: Andrea Palm. 

    I photographed artist Jasmine Kara for Daisy Beauty magazine, april issue. Jasmine was one of the top dancers on “Let’s Dance” on TV4 and is also on the cover of Daisy Beauty in April! 

    Mix & match spring fashion for Daisy Beauty magazine. Makeup and hair by Maria Oldenstedt/House of Session. Styling by Nils Gustavsson. Model: Sofia F/Mikas. 

    Arton - a series of solos exhibitions by me and 18 other artists from Valand Academy. I’m in Arton: Two At the end of the third period we also contribute to a group exhibition at Konsthallen in Gothenburg, curated by Jason E. Bowman.

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